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Search Engine Optimization Case Study


An Overview:

The client is an e-commerce store that sells products that cost between US$50 – US$300. The online store was originally getting no organic traffic and was mostly relying on paid traffic.

They started SEO by buying a few ala-carte SEO services from Shopify app store but hadn’t really got much results until they joined our Managed E-commerce SEO program.

There was a lot of opportunity for growth here!

E-Commerce SEO Case Study




The SEO Audit

The first thing we always do is perform a comprehensive SEO audit. We’re looking for anything that could prevent client website from ranking.

The good thing is that this online store site didn’t have anything holding them back, they just didn’t have much content nor any backlinks.


Keyword Research

To kick off our keyword research, we always look to find easy keywords that the client rank for, but aren’t ranking at the top of the search engines. These are good targets keywords because we can usually boost them up to see quicker traffic wins.

76 potential target keywords were identified, mostly bottom of page 1 through page 3 all with CPC between $0.60 and $2.50. The URLs were a mix of category pages, product pages and blog content. Then we worked with the client to select high priority keywords for quick boosts!


Competitive Gap Analysis

The competitive gap analysis is performed to help find keywords that your competitors are ranking for and you are not. This is a crucial step as it always give new competition insights and helps generate new keywords that you can easily target with content.

In terms of content gap analysis, e-commerce is different than other websites. When you run gap analysis, you often get a ton of product names that you may not be selling.

We work closely with the client to pick target keywords together to make sure we’re working the keywords related to products that client have in their inventory. While working we found some killer keywords where we could write long articles about!


The SEO Strategy

This was a pretty typical e-commerce SEO campaign where we built consistent content and links to the website.

For Months 1 – 3, we kept strategy the same:

  • We built in-content links focused on easy wins, using diverse anchor text.
  • We focused on writing content targeting keywords with good volume related to the niche products.


E-commerce SEO Case Study

The client’s site has no organic traffic when we kicked off their campaign in April. In September it’s over 2500 visitors per month and continues trending upwards.

2400% Increase in Organic Traffic

The site saw a massive jump in its traffic, 100 (mostly paid traffic) to 2500 organic traffic every month.

E-commerce SEO Case Study - WeCT
E-commerce SEO Case Study - WeCT

Going Forward

Now we have lots of blog content to do some surgical link building and get these pushed up even farther.!

By following this strategy, as we create more content with targeted keywords, Google is starting to unlock the floodgates. E-commerce store needs targeted content, and by writing keyword optimized long-form blog posts, you can start ranking for your focus keywords.?These blog posts are easier to rank, and you can do an internal link to your product pages. After you have the content, it makes getting good links 1000X easier!

Need such results for your business? Contact us on [email protected] or learn more about our search engine optimization services.

Lead Generation Case Study - LinkedIn - WeCT

We just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all at WeCT, for your hard work and determination in getting outstanding results with our website. Taking us from less than 100 monthly organic traffic to 2500 in just 5 months is no small achievement. We are seening increased orders size and better conversion now.

Lucas – WeCT E-commerce SEO Client


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Does your brand need some love? We’d love to help!

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