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The Charisma of Featured Snippets

Since its introduction, Google's featured snippets are popular to provide direct answers. For obvious reasons, Google search’s featured listing means enhanced visibility, credibility, and qualified [...]


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Bing Q&A vs. Google Featured Snippet | Format and Types

Artificial Intelligence has always driven me crazy for its ever-evolving technology. The AI technology of search engine giant Google and Microsoft Bing are taking the world on stride with their capability to solve the user query within seconds. Featured Snippets/Q&A are artificial intelligence-based search features of Google and Bing, respectively, that return the best matching [...]

Google’s Featured Snippets in Critical Context with Time and Location

Google revealed its criteria to select the featured snippet text. Google explained how artificial intelligence triggers the answer box information. Utilizing the user's geographic location, time, and freshness indicators it retrieves the best relevant information from the internet. In his latest?blog?post, Google’s Danny Sullivan explains, “how the search giant works to pick the exclusive text [...]

AI in E-commerce – Redefine Benchmarks For Success

E-commerce retailers are reaching the peak of the hype curve with the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. The vast majority of e-commerce businesses agree AI will continue to transform the e-commerce industry and redefine financial and operational benchmarks for success. Today, the world is changing fast and it’s no longer about just pursuing AI—it’s [...]


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  • Ensuring Business Growth

Ensuing Business Growth During & Post COVID-19

It's been more than 4 months businesses were asked winding down their operations, now they are being asked to restart their engines as lockdown rules are gradually eased. COVID-19 has brought new challenges and uncertainties [...]

  • Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter.

Web Express Computer Technologies (WeCT) stands in solidarity with our Black community. We support Black Lives Matter. WeCT stands on the values and principles of inclusiveness and cross-cultural understanding. Every day, we strive to do [...]

  • Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Forces Shaping The Future

The digital marketing landscape is fast evolving and these forces are shaping the future: Artificial Intelligence backed content for better customer experiences: Marketers need to analyze the huge amount of structured and unstructured data to [...]

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