Owning a great product and a complementing ecommerce website. Still not happy with the online sales. Do you resemble with the scenario? Let’s discuss the ecommerce website design mistakes you might be unknowingly doing.

So, you invested your time, efforts and money in creating an online platform to sale your products. Your motive of generating revenue is still not accomplished. You are convinced with your ecommerce website design looks and features. ?Why the online revenue is low?

Have you ideated the eCommerce website design mistakes that might be the reason for low online sales? What! How can website design hamper my sales? My website is one of the best-looking websites. With lot of hands on features and products.

Yes, your ecommerce website design can turn to be the cause of loss for sales. Here is how.

DIY approach in designing

When starting a new business, a businessman usually has financial constraints. And many budding eCommerce owners turns to free website creating platforms like Shopify and WordPress. While these platforms offer a lot of free features and easy to use tools. But each is having its own advantages and disadvantages.

But when it comes to a professional website design, one can identify the difference between a customized and template driven design. An incompetent and amateurish design of your webpages would discourage your customers to return or even browse your website.

Remember you have only 0.05 seconds to impress your online store visitors. And 94% of your online business’s first impression is created by the website design. (Source: WebFx)

Your website’s design is the initial step to influence your customer to stay and return back.? And 75% of online consumers finds a website credible if it is beautifully crafted. To attract and engage customers in today’s competitive era you need to create a beautiful professional website.

Here are some more stats to consider before you start designing your own website.

Online Consumer Reaction To Inexpert Website Design

It is recommended to hire a professional web design company to give a unique style to your online business. A professionally designed web page would appeal and create positive first impact on your audience. Hiring a web designer allows you to focus on your innovative product specifications and manufacturing details. Additionally, it will also enhance the credibility, usability and audience engagement on your website.

The new page speed norms

Internet is about getting quicker access to more and more information. Speed is the new synonym for online consumer and business’s happiness and success. Let’s check some of the page speed stats and facts.

Online Consumer Reaction To Page Loading Time

If your website loads within 3 seconds the probability of visitors bouncing back is 32% only. (Source: Think with Google)

Web page speed plays an important role to attract visitors and search engines.? The web page speed can be analysed by using a number of online tools like GTmetrix, Pingdom, and Google Page Insights. It is a known fact that Google loves the faster loading websites. The evolving technology updates throw new challenges for webmasters to keep abreast with the latest advancements.

The latest new standards for checking the page speed of a website include

Ecommerce Website Design Mistakes - Web Page Speed Standards

Optimizing your web page speed would require technical knowledge and expertise to get a 100% score. As it deals with the codes, scripts and styles associated with your web page. And tampering your backend, may result in disaster at the frontend. Obviously, no body would like to take such risks.

What is the solution to optimize the web page speed?

Getting trained in the field, hiring a technical expert, using plugins and software are some of the best solutions to overcome the problem. While getting yourself trained and well equipped is time consuming, and difficult it is much easier to hire a professional expert or use readymade plugins for the task.


Ecommerce industry is the fastest growing industry and is booming. Smartphone and internet users nowadays expect each and every business to be online. To make your online eCommerce website impactful and competitive you need to invest money and time. A website design plays an important role in creating a great customer experience. To make a right first impression on your online customers, it is required to have a beautiful web design that meets best user experience standards.

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