Web Express Computer Technologies (WeCT) stands in solidarity with our Black community. We support Black Lives Matter.

WeCT stands on the values and principles of inclusiveness and cross-cultural understanding. Every day, we strive to do better, to be better – to better serve our clients and our community.

Discriminatory behavior or bias, in any form and expression, has no place at WeCT. We reject racism. We believe that Black lives matter and we stand in solidarity with our Black colleagues, clients, and partners.

Black Lives Matter

The systemic racism in the USA needs action from all of us. We are committed to doing our part to stand against racism of any kind that is embedded in our systems and work to eradicate it completely.

White supremacy is a sickness at the core of western society and it affects us too.

At WeCT, we commit ourselves to take even more time to listen, process, and heal with our people and community.

We will not stop here.

Black Lives Matter

We are problem solvers and commit our time, resources, and skills to drive meaningful output toward systemic change. Although, diversity, equity, and inclusion are a part of who we are, we are committed to embedding them to our core even further.

WeCT wants to be a catalyst for change and build a society where people have equal opportunities to create, build and grow – lead by diversity of thought, background, and perspective.

We believe that best communities are fostered when we ensure equality, inclusion, and accessibility. We achieve high performance and pinnacle when everyone is engaged and contributing positively to a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

We’re committing to help Black Owned Businesses in different possible ways (case-to-case base) and will also explore ways to collaborate with local organizations who align with our values in support of Black community. We will help rebuild and grow businesses in Black communities.

We are asking our people, partners, and community to support The Antiracist Research and Policy Center.

The Antiracist Research and Policy Center (ARPC)

The mission of ARPC is to convene and team up varied specialists to figure out novel and practical ways to understand, explain, and solve seemingly intractable problems of racial inequity and injustice. ARPC strives to build an antiracist society of racial equity and justice.

Learn More About ARPC

We are working on identifying and selecting more organizations that work for the voices of our Black community, and we commit to using our platform to amplify their voices and messages.

Towards this aim we are also working to uplift black owned business and women owned business in digital world by providing mentorship and creating digital experiences to help them thrive.

Learn More About Our Empowering Program

Our agency has been built on client feedback. If you have ideas or suggestions for us, please reach out to us at [email protected] We are listening.

We hold ourselves accountable and look forward to sharing our progress.

~ Team WeCT


Note: The Antiracist Research and Policy Center (ARPC) is in no way connected with WeCT. ARPC do not endorse WeCT or any of its services in any manner.?